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Saturn V on LUT 1:480 scale.

Subject:	 RE: Saturn V LUT -latest build pics. ready for display.
Date:	Wed, 12 Oct 2005 11:45:06 -0400

Hey, Jon,

Glad people are interested in the model and I'm glad it came out well for
you.  Thanks for sending me the initial input.  It's great to see.  Like I
said yesterday, I recolored the Service Module and the F-1's.  I thought
they were too light. I think they look better now. 

I like the fact that you squared off the LES tower -- I didn't even bother
with that, but it's good to know it could be done.  I also love the
counterweight in the crane.  I wish I'd have thought of that.  I think
you're crazy (in a good way) for making the railing.  That's pretty cool.

Anyway, if you think it's ready, please, put my model up, with my props to
you, whoever built the mini Saturn V that inspired me, and Ton.  As you
noted, his S-V is largely what I used as a reference, in addition to your
Scaledown sheet.  Also, I scammed info from the "Save the LUT" website, the
"Apollo Saturn Reference Page", and the "Apolloarchive.com" websites for
invaluable references.  If there's any way to give them the thanks they
deserve, that'd be great.

Again, thanks for everything.  This model, that I've wanted for so long,
would never have happened without your help.  When I went to KSC back in the
70's, I got that plastic model of the LUT, S-V, and Crawler/Transporter, but
it was basically a toy.  I always wanted a better one, and I'm pretty happy
with this.  Now the next job is to do the Crawler/Transporter that goes with
this, and get back to work on figuring out how to do a 1/96th LUT.  I refuse
to fly my 1/96 S-V (that was also inspired by your site) without it.  It'd
just be wrong.

You said it better than I could of Mike...

and here is the model, in the original powerpoint as it was designed or as a pdf file for those who prefer that format: