From:"Dave " <hotmail.com>  
Subject: Enterprise Stand
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 03:37:57 -0400
I've made a few models from your page; the 1/48 Gemini, the 1/48 apollo capsule, a few others and I had just finished "Rons magnificent Star Trek Model, 16 inches when complete, not A,B,C,D, ... The original one that started it all. In a metallic finish." I was quite peased with it, found it to be about the best star trek model out there, (my wife loves the things) but I didn't want to have things hanging from my cieling or propped up with coins or some other such thing. I decided to make a stand for it and to do it fast. My math skills aren't what they use to be and I don't have the pdf software that allows me to  make a pdf.... it's pretty costly I've found. So..... with my old PSP I quickly drew up a plan for a stand and although it's crude, it does seem to do the job. I've attached the drawings and 2 pics of the finished stand if you are interested in postiing it for anyone else that may want the same thing. I would not be at all offende if you or someone else improved it in anyway, let's face it, lots more work could have been done on it but I was in a hurry and I've never made anything from scratch before, even as simple as this stand. I've been making different paper models for a few months now and find it to be a great way of learning patience! On my own site, which doesn't deal with plans or really papre models at all there are a few pics of some of the thing's I''ve made  and I wouldn't mind finding some software to help me create my own things eventually.  is it and it explains itself. Anyway, I hope you can use this stand thing I whipped up and I thank you for posting all the models you have  so far.
                                    Your's truly,; Dave

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